We are the Wise Owls of the school: knowledgeable about all sorts of things! Our class mascot, Wise Owl has very good eyes and ears! He likes to reward children for lots of things, especially for having a good attitude towards learning and for always trying their best. Every week he will give rewards to children for reading more than 2 books per week and completing all homework tasks. Wise Owl will also choose 2 children every week to be Owlet helpers. In return, they will be rewarded with a gift from our 'Rewards' box. Wise Owl will also choose someone to be ‘Star of the Week’. This person will have special privileges and be rewarded with a certificate and a trophy.
To help our Owlets further extend their learning, optional holiday homework will be issued to prepare children for their next topic: this will always be fun and exciting!

We hope you like our class page - please keep looking to see updates, especially at the start of every new term, when we will inform you of our new topic and upcoming events.
Twitter-woo for now!
Mrs James and Mrs Shaw