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The governor’s role is to work with school and the staff to plan the strategic direction of the school and ensure that the school provides high standards of conduct and achievement so that all the pupils can reach their full potential.

The governors are accountable to the parents and to the local community and so a range of different people make up the governing body. There are members of school staff, the head teacher, parents and other people who live within the local community. Some of the governors live further away but we all share an interest in the education of young children and want to make sure that children at Spire Infant and Nursery school have the best opportunity to learn.

Our Governing Body consists of 3 parent governors, 1 Local Authority governor, 1 staff governor, 8 co-opted governors and the head teacher.

All of the governors take responsibility for leadership and management of the school through focusing on a key aspect of school leadership.

Our chair of governors is Mr Chris Power and he can be contacted in writing through the school office.

Please find below a list of our current governors and the responsibilities assigned to them.

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