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History Statement of INTENT

Why do we teach this? Why do we teach it in the way we do?

History inspires children to reach into the past to form ideas for the future. It helps children to understand how our locality, our country and our world developed and changed over time and how it influences what happens now and helps formulate possibilities for what is to come. History helps children to gain a sense of their own identity within their own community and a sense of people’s lives in Britain and the wider world.

At Spire we believe that high-quality lesson should incorporate Historical experiences, including visits to Historical places of interest, books and artefacts. We teach History in chunks so that the children have the time and opportunity to compare, review and add to the knowledge that they gained from previous lessons, developing a sense of curiosity about the past, evaluating and challenging their own views using Historical evidence and thus helping them to form the characteristics to become historians. They discuss and write about the changes that happened while they have been alive, before they were alive as well as significant events and people from British History and local History.

At Spire, our aim is to implement this INTENT through quality first Teaching & Learning.



  • Enjoy pictures about themselves and others' families
  • Imitate activities from home/cultural background
  • Talk about similarities between own and others experiences





  • Talk about significant events in their own experience (past & present)






  • Discuss and write about changes that have happened in the children's lifetime 
  • Research, discuss and write about significant events in history e.g. Bonfire Night
  • Research, discuss and write about significant people (Guy Fawkes, Florence Nightingale)





  • Discuss and write some facts about changes that happened before I was born (Dinosaurs, Seasides and Chocolate)
  • Discuss and write some facts about significant events that have happened in the past (Great Fire of London and Titanic)
  • Discuss and write some facts about significant people from different periods of time (Mary Anning, Samuel Pepys and Robert Falcon-Scott)
  • Discuss and write some facts about local history including events, places and significant people (Mayors office and Town Hall)




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