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Physical Education

Physical Education Statement of INTENT

Why do we teach this? Why do we teach it in the way we do?

Physical activity is an important aspect of children’s development as it’s the key to all movements through life. At Spire we want to help children build positive relationships with physical activity that last their lifetime.
As a school we use Real PE as it fits our ASPIRE ethos by developing the whole child. Using Real PE we aim to develop children’s physical literacy through six over-arching strands (multi-abilities):

Physical, Social, Personal, Cognitive, Creative and Health & Wellbeing.

Each multi-ability is constructed to overlap with the others ensuring all cogs are spinning at once and therefore enabling children to have a ‘can do’ attitude towards PE.

Within this structure, children will develop resilience, confidence and independence whilst discovering how to lead, both physically and mentally, healthy and active lifestyles. This scheme also shifts responsibility of learning, through highly developed learning nutrients, towards the children, helping them become habitually independent learners. We want children to learn this as a behaviour and attitude and allow them to take pride in their own individual achievements.

While instilling this positive attitude we also want to ensure children leave our school with some key fundamental skills:

- Balance
- Co-ordination
- Agility
- Throwing and catching
- Running and jumping

At Spire, our aim is to implement this INTENT through quality first Teaching & Learning.



  • Climb apparatus
  • Explore different ways to travel 
  • Throw, kick and catch a ball
  • Pedal a trike
  • Develop finger grip and wrist strength to control mark making tools
  • Express themselves through movement
  • Learn a repertoire of dances

  • Initiate new combinations of movement & gesture 
  • Move confidently in a range of ways
  • Represent own ideas through dance
  • Show good control and balance when using balance bikes
  • Negotiate space, change direction and speed
  • Jump & land appropriately
  • Travel with confidence (under, over, through)
  • Develop control when pushing, patting, throwing & kicking
  • Show good control & coordination in large/small movements


  • Demonstrate good balance - static, seated and dynamic 
  • Counter balance with a partner
  • Complete a sequence of footwork patterns
  • Demonstrate co-ordination through dance
  • Jump & land safely
  • Run in a variety of ways
  • Throw
  • Catch
  • Play team games
  • Learn some simple tactics - attacking & defending




  • Demonstrate good balance - static, seated and dynamic (with control)
  • Counter balance with a partner
  • Complete a sequence of footwork patterns
  • Perform a sequence
  • Demonstrate co-ordination through dance
  • Demonstrate agility by linking movements
  • Jump & land safely in a variety of ways
  • Run in a variety of ways with confidence
  • Throw with accuracy
  • Catch confidently
  • Play team games
  • Learn and apply simple tactics - attacking & defending



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