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Computing Statement of INTENT

Why do we teach this? Why do we teach it in the way we do?

Through teaching Computing we intend to equip our children to participate in a rapidly changing world where work and leisure activities are increasingly transformed by technology. Computing encompasses a whole range of interconnected disciplines required to help understand and change the world. We want all pupils at Spire to experience the magnificence, power and enjoyment of Computing and to develop a sense of inquisitiveness about the subject. We acknowledge the importance of these skills being coupled with a clear understanding of digital literacy. We take a Mastery approach to ensure that our pupils acquire a deep, long-term, secure and adaptable understanding of what they have been taught.

We aim for all pupils to:

  • Become confident to find, explore, use and apply fundamental principles and concepts of computer sciences including abstraction, logic, algorithms and data representation
  • Be able to confidently analyse and apply problem solving skills through engaging with relevant and enriching computer programs.
  • Be able to evaluate new or unfamiliar information technology to solve problems and confidently appraise if it is fit for purpose. Linking computing to real-life scenarios to equip children with diagnostic skills is what we strive to achieve.
  • Become responsible, competent and respectful users of information and communication technology.

At Spire, our aim is to implement this INTENT through quality first Teaching & Learning.



  • Operate simple ICT equipment (CD Players, basic skills)
  • Cause & effect toys - simple mechanisms: remotes, winders, friction cars
  • Press parts, lift flaps
  • Interact with age appropriate software
  • Use remote control cars



  • Internet safety
  • Complete a simple program
  • Log on to a computer program
  • Use iPads and a range of technology
  • Use BeeBots (simple coding)




  • Name a variety of technology in school and beyond
  • Learn how to keep safe by understanding what is safe and what is not safe and who to go to for help
  • Understand what personal information is and why I need to keep it private
  • Understand what an algorithm is 
  • Put a set of codes into a digital device
  • Debug simple programs
  • Log on and log of
  • Create a piece of work using simple programs



  • Internet safety
  • Use the Internet to find information (Dinosaurs and Antarctica)
  • Create a piece of work using a program - 2Simple
  • Use technology to save & retrieve work
  • Put a set of instructions into a device - BeeBots
  • Make predictions on the behaviour of simple programmes
  • Put a set of codes into a device
  • Debug programmes
  • Learn about algorithms




Curriculum Progression Map
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